How It Works

As a text-messaging smoking cessation program always at your side, Kick Buts will help you…

  • Prepare for your Quit Date  mentally and physically
  • Learn New Skills & Behaviors to manage cravings and avoid temptations
  • Conquer Each Craving one at a time, anytime… 24/7

When you enroll in Kick Buts, you will be asked for your Quit Date. This date should be at least two weeks from the time you enroll so you can prepare your mind and body for the quitting process.

Kick Buts will begin texting you immediately after you enroll, and will continue for up to 26 weeks.  You can stop the program any time simply by texting ‘STOP’.

On and after your Quit Date, you can text key words such as CRAVE (I want a cigarette!), SLIP UP (Oops! I had a cigarette!), or RELAPSE (On no, I’m smoking again…) to Kick Buts, and we will respond right away to help you through your craving and/or help you get back on track – any time day or night.   
Kick Buts also includes a resource center that offers a wealth of online tips and tools to help you quit smoking, as well as games to occupy your mind during cravings.
It’s time to KICK BUTS!

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